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Spring has arrived, and so too, have evil demon gnomes. In Springslinger, you play as Alice, an everyday florist who happens to wield an ancient doom-slaying weapon, and fight off countless hordes of gnomes to protect your ever-changing lawn!

Not only do you have a shotgun with unlimited ammo, but you also have a grappling hook which can be used to pull yourself towards the terrain or the enemy gnomes. You can also pull off the Vine Boom technique by shooting while flying with your hook.

As you defeat more and more gnomes, or by simply collecting big flowers dotted around the map, you gain experience to level up, which lets you upgrade one of these three stats: bullet count, rate of fire, and explosion radius. Experiment with multiple builds and see which ones you think is meta.

Over time, the horde of gnomes will also get bigger and bigger, eventually overwhelming you. The question is not "Will I survive?", but rather, "How many of them can I drag to hell with me?"

Objective: Reach the max level by accumulating experience, or kill as many gnomes as you can, or simply survive for as long as possible, or a combination of the three.

Soundtrack: "Showdown" by Shihotori.


This was my first attempt at completing a game within a day (or 9 hours to be exact). As of the release of version 1.0.2, I've spent 1 week working on this game.

1.0.2 Changelog:

I have massively overhauled the game since the last version, so listing all the changes here will be a doozy, so I'll only list the most important changes.

- Added the Quests system, a list of activities for players to complete. Check the quest log by holding Tab in-game.

- Added an anti-camping hazard that appears once you reach the max level.

- Hookshot is greatly improved (higher launch speed, longer range, faster return rate, reduced delay).

- After the hook latches onto something, the player follows the chains instead of the hook.

- Gnome speed now ramps up much slower (+10% every 10 minutes instead of 2 minutes).

- Added a random upgrade option to satisfy your gambling addiction.

- Improved UI and added some new UI elements.

- Many sprites are tweaked or remade or added, such as the level's backdrop.

- Gnomes and small exp flowers have multiple color variations, including a shirtless gnome with a 10% chance of appearing.

- The game can now keep track of your best kill count and time survived.

- Added a proper menu screen and the option to disable music.

1.0.1 Changelog:

- The timer now properly pauses when the game is paused.

- Gnome spawn algorithm tweaked.

- Max gnome count capped at 250.

- Tree count increased from 25 to 100.

- Trees are now transparent when the player overlaps them.

- Added an indicator for big exp flowers.

- Slightly reduced firing range.

- Hookshot now has a 0.25s delay after usage.

- Reduced freezeframes after using a vine boom.

- UI placement changed.

- Crosshair changed.

- You can soft restart by pressing Shift + R (why does that sound familiar?)


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